Power Scouts

Power Scouts is an original action/fantasy adventure program dating back to 1993 as an original schoolyard production by Blixwalker productions. Like its title suggests, Power Scouts was very similar to Power Rangers and other Super Sentai programs in general. The very first season was based on the attempts of the evil Lord Zeebach to escape Dimension Z into the Earth-realm in order to wreak havoc.


Power Scouts

*Joshua Dimaggio - The Red Scout, and original leader of the scouts.
*Jennifer Chang - The Violet Scout
*Danny Greene - The Orange Scout.
*Seth Landers - The Green Scout.
*Naomi Powell - The Pink Scout.
*Jason McClune - The Deep Crimson scout/2nd Red Scout.
*Emily Richards - The White Scout.
*Jackson Demarco - The Yellow Scout.
*Brian Foley - The Blue Scout.
*Taka Tsuchigawara - The Onyx Scout.
*Holly Shields - The Cyan Scout.
*Bridget Faraday - The Lavender Scout.
*Ken Matthews - The Silver Sentry.
*Enrique Arroyo - The Gold Sentry.


*King Bean


*Lord Zeebach
*Head of the Knightos/Knightrate
*Head of the Martians/
*Head of the Gargoyles/Gargas
*Prince Zaarkahn
*King Mightus
*Spin Doctor
*Vile Tune
*Emperor Evil
*King Fangle
*Queen Motherboard
*Tera Byte
*Lady Vile
*Count Mortem - The Rotting Family
*Lady Rotten
*Duchess of Decay
*Sir Putrid
*Lord Morbid
*Dr. Cadaver

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