Pink Power Princess

Pink Power Princess was the name of a reocurring female ninja character who dressed entirely in pink. The Pink Power Princess was based off of the Pink Ninja Ranger and supposedly had her powers except she was extremely airheaded, clumsy, gullable, and suffered from chronic bouts of flatulence. She often spoke in an annoyingly high-pitched voice and was friends with Elgar and the Devil; a jaded stay at home drunk.


Her most infamous appearance was a three minute long sketch involving her lip syncing and break dancing to the tune of Savage Garden's I want you , the segment ends with her levitating (albeit angelically) mid-air during the break in the song only for her to crash to the ground as the song resumes its pace. Another infamous episode was the very special Christmas one where she was visiting the Pink Power Prince who ended up being captured and seduced by the Snow Hag who turned into a Cabbage Patch Christmas Kid.

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