Pine Vale Needs A Hero

Pine Vale Needs a Hero is a quest from Haafstad and the Border of Highrock, it takes place in the small community of Pine Vale.

Table of Contents

Quest Details

Speaking to Uthynn the Innkeeper will tell you about Yorith and how he has gone missing recently, prompting the Dragonborn to reply saying that he/she will go looking for him however Uthynn mildly objects stating that he will not be missed as Yorith was a "prick".

You can use "clairvoyance" if you have it to follow the trail from Pine Vale, on a cobbled path up through a small hill up to the mountainside where you will come to the entrance of the Small Mine and be attacked by a Frost Troll, and find Yorith's remains nearby.

After killing the troll, loot Yorith's remains for a full set of Blades armor, an ebony sword, and an 'Abandoned House Key'. Next the quest will tell you to inform Uthynn of Yorith's death, and you will be invited to take up residence in his old home at the Abandoned House in Pine Vale, speaking to Uthynn concludes the quest.

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