Olivia Skanke

Olivia Skanke (1977 - 2009) was an ex-girlfriend of Pierre Hawkins. Olivia and Pierre broke up before the events of Weeds in the Garden and were most likely dating sometime before the events of Weeds of Doubt as Olivia mentions that she had been stalking Pierre along with his wives: Angela Stephensonsen and Crystie Katz over the past fifteen years. Olivia also boasts that she has put many girls in the hospital over Pierre's affections, she is held captive and interrogated in a delapidated Denny's by Angela and Crystie and is left for dead. Olivia returns to spoil the trio's fancy dinner with an army of rats and cockroaches and wielding a pair of nunchucks fastened out of two dead cats tied together by the tails. Olivia is shot and killed by off-duty police after Pierre accuses her of being a suicide bomber.

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