Odd Voice

Oh yeah baby!" - Odd Voice speaking to Tabitha

Odd Voice
Gender Varies
Alias Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Star Sign Unknown
Age Unknown
Race Varies
Nationality Unknown
Hometown Unknown
Height Varies
Hair Color Varies
Eye Color Varies
Status Alive
Likes Tabitha Meyers
Hates Scott Connors
No. Appearances 2
First Seen "Scott's Final Fate"
Last Seen "Bingo!"
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Odd Voice is a bizarre otherworldly being of undeterminate gender. It first appeared in the episode "Scott's Final Fate" where it appeared as a hatless Donatello Slick and spoke to the deceased drug dealer Scott Connors ala a Late Night Talk Show setting. It informed Scott that he was in fact in "hell", much to the delight of the studio audience.

Odd Voice later appeared in the episode "Bingo!" doppelganging Tabitha Meyers in her suite, and speaking cryptically to her about itself and hinting that it needs to "borrow" the form of another living person while in the real world.

Little to nothing is known about Odd Voice or what its plans are for Tabitha and Scott, it maybe a resident of the netherworld as it was there to greet Scott Connors upon being sent to "Hell", or it could (most likely) be a multi-dimensional being with some kind of fixation with the living world. Odd Voice always appears with sunglasses on and speaks in a warped child-like voice. Its gender is also unknown as it changes its sex depending on the form it takes, it could also be genderless.

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