Mr Miller

Mr. Miller (b. 1933 [78]) is an engimatic traveling gardener and apparent jack-of-all trades (as he was a zoo keeper in Weeds in the Garden. Mr. Miller first appears in Weeds in the Basement but has not lines, he reappears in Weeds of Doubt and subliminally tells Gloria that the relationship between her children and the Katz children could be harmful to her, causing her to invent a ridiculous scheme.

Years later in 2009 he reappears in Weeds in the Garden as an apparent zoo keeper at the Knotsburg Zoo, he meets the Wednesdays and cryptically hints at their biological connection by stating that he had never seen kissing cousins in the flesh before. He later appears at the zoo, apparently salting and feeding himself to the lions - however he explains in the Prettiest Weed that he had merely assembled a highly detailed meat-filled dummy of himself to hoist over into the lion habitat, explaining that it was the only way to get those "fickle lions to eat". He also explains that salt is good for your scalp and was doing that for unrelated reasons.

Mr. Miller makes his grandest appearance in 2011 in Interview with the Gardener where he relates the events of the Stephensonsen - Katz blood feud dating back from the fifties to the present.

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