Marcia Katz
Marcia Rove
Date of Birth October 1959 (52)
Hometown Knotsburg
Race Caucasian
Height 5'7"
Weight 130 lbs
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Hazel
Job N/A
Status Alive

Marcia Rove (nee. Hammill) (b. 1959 [52]) is the daughter of Lorraine Hammill, the mother of Crystie Katz and the ex-wife of Dan Katz.

Early History

Marcia was born in 1959, the exact same date as her neighbor and rival Gloria Stephensonsen. Little does Marcia know that her mother Lorraine had an affair with a man named George back in the fifties, around the same time Barbara Llewellyn cheated on her husband, and as result has a half-sister named Gloria whom she knows, however is unaware that the two share any kind of biology together.

Marcia married a traveling shoe salesman named Dan Katz sometime in the seventies and had five children with him: Todd Katz, Crystie Katz, Bill Katz, Sue Katz, and Reese Katz; who suffered from autism. At some point during the 80's the couple had amassed enough money to purchase a nice house in the Townhill cul-de-sac where they live today.

Plot Synopises

Weeds in the Basement

Weeds of Doubt

Weeds in the Garden

The Prettiest Weed

Interview with the Gardener

It is revealed by Mr. Miller in the fifth installment in the series that Marcia and Gloria share a father in common, making them half-sisters.


*Le Weeds Aux Follex (Chronologically first appearance)
*Weeds in the Basement (First Appearance)
*Weeds in the Garden (Divorces Dan Katz)
*The Prettiest Weed
*Interview with the Gardener (Marries Elias)


*Abe Guggenheim (Maternal Grandfather)
*Lorraine Hammill (Mother)
*Harold Hammill (Step-Father)
*George (Biological Father)
*Elias (Husband)
*Dan Katz (Ex-Husband)
*Todd Katz (Son)
*Crystie Katz (Daughter)
*Bill Katz (Son)
*Sue Katz (Daughter/Son)
*Reese Katz (Son -Deceased)
*Friday Hawkins (Grandson)
*Saturday Hawkins (Grandson)
*Sunday Hawkins (Granddaughter)
*Wednesday Hawkins (Granddaughter)

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