Maormer's Retreat

Maormer's Retreat is a follower & race mod for Skyrim. It was created by [DERP]Mr. McCain and is available via the Steam Workshop

Maormer's Retreat
Author [DERP]Mr. McCain
Release Date Apr 12, 2015
Type Race, Followers
Available On Steam Workshop
Requirements None

Mod Contents

The Mod contains several Maormer followers, a Sea Viper Embassy "Maormer's Retreat" located at the entrance to Dawnstar, and makes the Sea Elf (Maormer) a playable race.

Maormer's Retreat

The Retreat contains several inhabitants as potential companions, already willing to follow the Dragonborn without having to complete a personal quest or pay a fee of gold, all of the followers don glass equipment and weapons save for Avaeri who wears a complete set of Psijic robes. The Retreat is also guarded by a few "Sea Viper Guards" who cannot be interacted with or recruited as followers, inside the embassy is a Merchant NPC who sells a variety of wares.

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