Luna was a high-ranking villainess from the Dark Colony, from the Hydra System. She was in command of her own fleet and was the superior of Lady Vile before she had gone rogue and fled to earth.



Luna was an attractive humanoid woman with pale white skin and dark blue hair she wore styled like an asymmetrical bob. She wore dark blue earrings styled like icicles and wore a form-fitting jet black bodysuit with sharp thorns jutting from her right shoulders and from various parts of her body. On her wrists she wore silver bracelets adorned with onyx spikes, and wore a silver belt around her waist that had onyx spikes on it.


Luna was a very cold and ambitious person. She despised weakness and commanded respect from her minions, she did not handle failure or insubordination very well and did not hesitate to freeze someone in a block of ice for upsetting her. As a space villainess and an enemy of the Power Scouts she was quite familiar with their capabilities and powers and being a taciturn strategist; she made sure to study her enemies very closely before making direct contact with them. Luna used many minions she referred to as "pawns" as disposable warriors in order to test the limits of the scouts, upon learning their weaknesses and strengths and what they were fully capable of she made her big move.

Powers and Abilities

As an evil space villainess and commanding officer, Luna was granted many high-class powers that her subordinates did not have such as:

  • Teleportation - a skill that every commander-type villain is able to use.
  • Cryomancy - Luna was able to freeze her opponents in solid ice.
  • Super Human Strength - Luna was powerful enough to subdue and freeze Lord Zeebach in ice without much effort.
  • Pawns - Like every villain, Luna had a personal army of minions called "Pawns" that she would send to earth. They would often times serve as distractions to the scouts or a means of testing their strength.

As an alien/non-native of earth her natural "inherent" abilities granted her immunity from the cold and the power to absorb/consume ice in order to restore herself.

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