Lorraine Hammill

Lorraine Precious Yates - Hammill (b. 1939 [72]) is the mother of Marcia Katz and the wife of Harold Hammill.

Early Life

During the fifties Lorraine met a man named George and had affairs with him all throughout the fifties into the sixties. Marcia, her daughter is Lorraine and George's lovechild, however Marcia does not know that Harold is not her actual father.

During the sixties Lorraine had quadruplets named: Portia, Crescentia, Alicia and Tabitha. The four girls died in a horrible go-cart accident during a competitive father-daughter race ocurring in the early seventies.

Weeds in the Basement

Lorraine and her husband Harold attned Thanksgiving dinner at their daughter's house during the events of Winter 1994 and are caught up in a fight between Marcia and her neighbor/rival Gloria Stephensonsen. Lorraine and her husband are arrested at least once during Thanksgiving 1994.

Weeds in the Garden

Lorraine returns fifteen years later in 2009 and is aprehended and imprisoned by Belinda Von Hammer while visiting her great-grandchildren at the Katz Residence. Lorraine encourages her grandson Todd Katz to save time during the rescue by setting only herself free and leaving the others behind.


*Harold Hammill (Husband)
*Marcia Katz (Daughter)
*Portia Hammill (Daughter - Deceased)
*Crescentia Hammill (Daughter - Deceased)
*Alicia Hammill (Daughter -Deceased)
*Tabitha Hammill (Daughter - Deceased)
*Dan Katz (Son-in-law)
*Todd Katz (Grandson)
*Crystie Katz (Granddaughter)
*Bill Katz (Grandson)
*Sue Katz (Granddaughter/Grandson)
*Reese Katz (Grandson - Deceased)
*Pierre Hawkins (Grandson-in-law)
*Friday Hawkins (Great-grandson)
*Saturday Hawkins (Great-Grandson)
*Sunday Hawkins (Great-Granddaughter)
*Wednesday Hawkins (Great-Granddaughter)

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