Lord Zeebach

Lord Zeebach was an evil overlord of Earth some thousands of years ago before he was banished to Dimension Z by the combined power of the Etherian sages; Icarus and Mundus.



Lord Zeebach always wore a round helmet concealing his identity until in one of the later seasons it is destroyed and revealed that he is a demi human with black hair and pointed ears. Zeebach's usual attire consists of a bronze and gold color scheme and wears bronze-colored gloves and boots and a bronzed chest piece for protection from armor piercing swords and arrows as well as blaster fire. He also wears a long golden cape attached to a golden mantle that hangs halfway down his back. His overall design resembles a cross between Shao Khan and Lord Zedd's looks.


Lord Zeebach was very demanding of his servants and did not take failure lightly, especially when it came down to losing against the Power Scouts. Most of the time Zeebach was cold and calculating, however he knew how to reward his servants when they had completed a task.


For the longest time, Zeebach's goal had been to return to the earth-realm in order to destroy the Power Scouts and reclaim the throne of Etherea. Trapped in Dimension Z, Zeebach had no alternative other than to communicate with his earth-agents to create powerful monsters and customized Vimana.


In addition to his yesman Popcorn, Zeebach had many other assets at his disposal such as Gargas, the leader of the Gargoyles, Knightrate, the leader of the Knightos, and Krater, the leader of the Martians. In his Z-Dimension laboratory, Zeebach had scientist monster-making minions; Bunson, Burner and Curses.


Prince Zaarkahn
Lord Zeebach's son and firstborn, the two have a strained relationship as Zaarkahn was shamed by the fact that he did not have a mother figure present in his life and despised his father's despotic rule over earth and the treatment of Etherea. As of 2012 Zaarkahn and Zeebach have come to speaking terms and have begun to set up boundaries while getting to know one another.

Queen Evibella
Lord Zeebach's current wife and the mother of Zaarkahn, Evibella fled earth a thousand years before Zeebach's imprisonment by sages; Icarus and Mundus. Evibella returned to Earth to rule it alongside her son while Zeebach was trapped within the temporal fold, however upon his return she tricked him into marrying her so that she would be spared of his wrath.

Zaarkahn's ex-wife and Zeebach's former daughter-in-law, she was an affluent Knight-Witch from the planet Hekate, where Evibella ruled. She shared no opinion of Zeebach as she often sided with the beliefs of her husband at the time. Mileena was destroyed by the Mega Star Droid MK I during battle.

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