Lightning Rod Conglomerate

The Lightning Rod Conglomerate also known as the "Lightning-Rod Econo-Conglomeration" is the multi-corporate mega-corporation ran and owned by CEO Tabitha Meyers. It is situated somewhere in Seattle, or presumably close to the Washington-Canadian border as many of the conglomerate's employees commute back and forth between Canada and the United States.


The company was founded in 1982 by a self-made millionaire and businessman named Rod Foudre, which started off innocently enough as a common news agency but later evolved into a much larger "corporate beast" after it assimilated or devoured dozens of smaller and weaker fledgling corporations and selling off most all of the assets.

By the late nineties/early 2000s two particular employees were making their way through the company, Saul Carmichael and Tabitha Meyers who would be paired together to work on various projects aimed at marketing to a larger audience and boost international sales, while cutting back on production costs. At some point Saul and Tabitha came to a disagreement on a particular project and Saul quit the company, officially parting ways from Tabitha and the Lightning-Rod Conglomerate.

In fall of 2002 then CEO Rod Foudre was hospitalized after having suffered a heart attack, but eventually died at the hospital three days later, but before having officially declared Tabitha Meyers as the new CEO of the conglomerate. From 2002 and onward the corporation would take a drastically different approach towards marketing and sales, first of all they became much more aggressive in their dealings with smaller rival corporations and would start putting them all out of business at a much more expedient rate. Second, rather than focus on gimmick marketing Tabitha desired to cash-in on a world-wide monopoly of powers such as assimilating all of the local and international electric and power companies so as to impose world-wide tax hikes and service fees, as well as buying out several hundred acres of rainforest in South America as well as a majority of the mills left in North-America and imposing more restrictions and monopolies on paper and paper-related products and materials. Lastly as if Tabitha's hunger for power could not have gotten any worse, through unreleased documents it seems that she would eventually have introduced an oxygen and water tax, as well as a birth (spatial-inconvenience) tax once at least 70% of the world's power was under her control.

Company Motives

While it is clear that the Lightning-Rod Conglomerate is a largely successful multi-corporation, it is unclear what its motives as a whole are or what the overall goal of the company is aside from Tabitha's own personal megalomanical aspirations.


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