Life of A Drugsalesman

"Statistics say that your average garbage-sorting, cough syrup-addicted junkie will most likely end up wearing plastic by the age of thirty."

Life of A Drugsalesman is the Fourteenth Episode of the Reality Life (Web) Series. The BBC world news segment concerning the death of Reality Life character Scott Connors - description.

Life of A Drugsalesman
Episode No. 14
Runtime 00:01:28
Release Date 06/11/2010
Previous "The Catch 22"
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Episode Tie-Ins

Creator's Notes

  • The News Team is only able to actually report on Scott Connors' death because someone (Slick) phoned them up anonymously and left them a tip.
  • It's funny that my description of the video describes Scott's death as a murder when there were no witnesses or any evidence to point to that conclusion, this was just a minute oversight and was changed.
  • The reason Scott's demise is even being mention on the (local) BBC World News is because he was major player in the Canadian drug trade whom the authorities had been trying to catch for some time.
  • This episode was originally entitled; "BBC World News Report" but was later renamed to "Life of A Drugsalesman", which was more fitting.

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