"You sure get pissed a lot" - Saul to Jeanine

Jeanine Goodfellow
Alias None
Date of Birth June
Star Sign Gemini
Age 22
Race Human
Nationality American
Hometown San Francisco
Height 5'5"
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Hazel
Status Alive
Likes Rory Cynthia Toshi
Hates Big Daddy Vickers Saul Carmichael
No. Appearances 2
First Seen "Saul Interviews Jeanine"
Last Seen "Mission Specs"

Jeanine Goodfellow is a college student attending UW (University of Washington), and is also a "college lesbian" showing zero sexual interest in Saul, and denying his advances. It was through Toshi's efforts that Jeanine came into contact with Saul. She later met Saul Carmichael for a business deal concerning her "special ability", which supposedly this allows her to impersonate other people and is why Saul is interested in having her work for him. Jeanine is also Saul's "trump card" or xanatos gambit, and plans to use her as a means of taking down Tabitha Meyers, while deliberately using Toshi as a mole.

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Creator's Notes

  • Her surname was originally "Baxter", but was changed to "Goodfellow" as a pun/play on the fact that she is a lesbian.
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