Jack Dennison
Jack Dennison
Date of Birth September 9, 1971 (38)
Bloodtype AB
Sex Male
Ethnicity White
Hometown Edgewater
Height 6'3"
Weight 200 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Weapon Handgun (Pistol Firearm)
Occupation P.R.T
Status Active
Debut Hellbound

Jack Dennison is one of many protagonists in the "Hellbound" series. Jack begins his paranormal adventure in Hellbound 1, where he also begins his descent into darkness.

Lane City Incident

At approximately 3:45 AM special police forces known as the "Paranormal Response Team" (P.R.T) were called to investigate a strange disturbance in the township of Lane City. Jack Dennison was paired with Rita Shepard and made captains of squad 2. Gideon Morrow was inserted into Jack's five-man cell and was given the task of surveillance specialist much to his dismay.

A brief survey of the cityscape revealed that the entire area had either been abandoned or "wiped out". There were no traces of human or animal activity, however ectoplasmic residue could be found everywhere. After analyzing their findings team 2 came to the conclusion that the city's desolation had been the work of a demon or a ghost. Jack and Rita mutually decided to split up and search the city for any signs of life and made rescuing any surviving human life their primary concern, however Gideon was more concerned with finding and containing the demon responsible for the mayhem.

After arguing with Gideon about his orders he broke protocol and abandoned his mission, worried Rita dispatched Rico Bravo and Glenn Rayner after him.

Dawn at the Mayor's estate

At about 5:00 AM, Jack and his remaining squad members reached a small forested clearing just outside the large mayoral estate. With communications down Jack was unable to get a confirmation from his captain, however Jules Eckhart a member from Team 1 met up with Jack and informed him that she was to meet with the Captain at the manor. Jack positioned his two men around the manor to keep watch of any activity occurring outside the mansion, while he and Jules entered in hopes of finding Captain Ross.

While only a half hour had passed, Jack could tell that the entire mansion was swelling with paranormal activity and suspected that the mansion itself had become haunted. While creeping down a basement corridor, Jules thought she had heard Ross's voice and ran off in order to find him, with Jack following close behind only to end up separated from each other when a steel door slammed shut and would not open. With no other option in tow, Jack treads the rest of the manor by himself while occasionally hearing disturbing whispers and distorted cries for help and Gideon's voice on the static radio.

Reunion with Gideon

When Jack found a way to free Jules, he had also found the mayor's secret armory nested away within a tightly secured vault. Inside of the vault, Gideon Morrow had already decoded the crypt and presented Jack with a reputedly "haunted" item; the Muramasa katana sword. Jack tried reasoning with Gideon, however his please fell upon deaf ears as Gideon attacked and bit Jack in the neck, unknowing to him that he had just been infected with the "Oni syndrome".

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