Ivar Mephisto

Dr. Ivar Mephisto (b. 1972 [39]) is the Principal of Bradbury High School and a former medical student from an unidentified Ivy-League University.

Early Life

Ivar was born in Pensacola, because his parents; being the hardcore anti-coca-cola fanatics that they are mistook it for being the hometown of "Pepsi Cola".

Ivar grew up being a prodigy with genius intellect, however he was forced to mingle with "lesser lifeforms" due to his parents' poor background. Eventually a guidance counselor acknowledged Ivar's genius and proposed he go to a better school, but his parents took advantage of his intellect and had him win Jeopardy and countless other trivia shows so that they could buy newer commodities.

School Life

Mephisto became the principal of Bradbury High School between 1994 and 2011; his administration over the school would be regarded as somewhat of a tyrannical reign of terror. Ivar replaced all of the junk food vending machines with "donation machines", where students were encouraged (threatened) to increase the school's upstanding with a donation of $5 (in order to prevent a "U" on their citizenship record).

Ivar is first introduced in Beyond the Valley of the Weeds while interrogating a student about a practical joke gone awry, he receives a message from his secretary about a class of new students who he is scheduled to speak with. Upon meeting the group, Mephisto singles out Wednesday Stephensonsen as a typical example of a post-modern "bad seed" and elaborates on his mission statement of the Four 'Ns': "No-Affection (Of Any kind), "No-Attitude (Of Any kind), "No-Noise (Of Any kind), and lastly "no-Nonsense". The rules of the Four Ns are quite vague, as affection can range anywhere from an endearing sentiment to a pat on the back, and attitude is merely the current mood/behavior of an individual. When asked by a student on how they should interpet these stringent rules Ivar responds by saying "Gray is a good neutral color; just make sure it is true gray and not any off-white/cool gray or warm gray".


Ivar is a power-hungry zealot and a control-freak. Ivar concocts grandious schemes not unlike Gloria Stephensonsen, such as when he went through the trouble of having the school made into a boarding school simply to torment a select group of students by making them spend the week in school (they slept on cotts in the broiler room).
He is also extremely greedy and selfish as seen when he confiscates students' personal items to sell them on Ebay and deducts half of the school's funds as a "personal fee." He also does not get along with a majority of teachers at Bradbury, as he considers them to be "useless tools" and cites that he has a roster of "neurotic weirdos" working for him. However, he and Giocolna get along for the most part.

Overall Ivar can be considered an "evil mastermind" as he is generally depicted as being cold, cruel, and calculating, and his schemes; though rarely backfire - are almost always revenge or spite-driven.


*Ivar's surname Mephisto is short for "Mephistopheles" or "Devil".
*Ivar's relationship with his secretary Gioncolina and overall personality is similar to Lynx fron Chrono Cross.

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