Ike Tim

Ike and Tim Boskowitz (b. 1973 [38]) are a gay married police couple who frequently pay visits to the Townhill cul-de-sac in order to make arrests, usually involving Gloria Stephensonsen and Marcia Katz although in the later years, Angela Stephensonsen and Crystie Katz have taken their mother's places as repeat offenders.


The couple first appear in Weeds in the Basement as a newlyweds and arrest Gloria and Marcia along with their respective in-laws. The couple reappear later the same day to aprehend Gloria and Marcia on the same charges as before.

The couple next appears less than a month later in Weeds of Doubt when they are called to a hardware store on the grounds of a suspicious customer (Gloria). The couple eventually places Gloria in the drunk tank for being agressive and un-cooperative.

The couple return fifteen years later in 2009 during the events of Weeds in the Garden where they make multiple arrests in the same night including (but not limited to: (Crystie and Angela, Brown Sugar Leroy, Wednesday Stephensonsen and Wednesday Hawkins and Chai Garcia.

The couple will return again for the events of 2010 in The Prettiest Weed, and in 2011 Interview with the Gardener.

  • Tim's name is mispelled as "Time" on his name badge as well as on his official police record, something that irritates him endlessly.
  • Tim's maiden name is "Malone".
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