Hurriqueer is the tenth episode of the fourth season and the 28th episode altogether.

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The galaxy is once again in peril when a galaxy storm; space storm "Susan B Anthony" threatens to destroy civilization as we know it, it suddenly becomes small potatoes for the bombshell that Space Fights creator George Mucus announces the very next day: Mucus has sold the rights to Space Fights to the Malt Wizney corporation. The universe trembles with fear and uncertainty, even more so than when the space storm had first made landfall. Angry fans ranted and sent death threats to Mucus, meanwhile Maul decides to investigate personally by breaking into the Cockblocker Ranch. Eventually the disturbing truth rears its ugly face, the evil Wizney corporation, using the hurricane as a front, threatened Mucus into selling the rights to Space Fights over to them — all masterminded by behind-the-scenes Wizney Uber-CEO Nicky Mouse.



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