Hell Toupee

Hell Toupee is the fifth episode of the first season of Maulie and Friends.


Cover Details

The cover features prominently the female devil relaxing provocatively across the hood of a car and the headline simply reads; "Maul meets the devil, and flirts with her!"

Featured Characters


The episode begins with Fattricia the Hutt (dressed as Lucille Ball) watching a rerun of "I love Lucy" before devouring a freshly made potpie. When Fattricia demands more food and Primerib explains that she has eaten everything she takes offense claiming that he called her a pig and immediately devours him. T-Bone returns and admits being a little harsh and the two kiss and makeup, with T-Bone offering to cook Fattricia a meal and the latter tearfully confessing that she thought he would never ask.

Next we see Maul spying on the female sunbather next door much to Padme's chagrin. Maul affirms to meet this woman, but Padme ties him up and shows him her wedding ring to remind him of their marriage. Maul claims that he merely wants to say hi and Padme finally exclaims that Maul should just move in with her if he likes her so much. The fight catches the attention of "Cassie", the woman next door who gets Maul's attention by taking off her top and claiming to "always sunbathe like that" much to Maul's delight. Meanwhile back in the trailer, Padme sees Maul talking to Cassie and applying sunscreen on her back and believes that he is cheating on her.

Later at Miss Ani's place, Anakin (not dressed as Ani) relaxes in a hottub while his manservant Mario scrubs his back. Ani admits that he is mad because of Maul and Padme who piss him off. He steps out of the hottub and changes into his trademark blonde wig and affirms to kill the two, before exclaiming how much he loves his breasts, making them bounce.

Next Padme's jealousy grows even more as she cannot believe that Maul has not returned home yet. She relents to steal Maul's wallet and wash away her tears by going shopping. Meanwhile Cassi and Maul sit on her sofa and discuss flowers when the doorbell rings and an ugly man dressed in a bikini arrives selling handcrafted bust augments. Cassi removes her top and asks if it looks like she needs bust enhancements before slamming the door in his face, leaving the man to ponder why he didn't become a door-to-door bikini inspector instead. Cassi returns to Maul on the couch and suggests that they play a game of "spin the bottle".


Later Padme goes on about her problems with Maul to a cashier while holding up the line at the super market. At the end of her shopping trip she relents to killing Maul. Back at Cassi's place, Cassi wildly massages Maul's chest while he uncomfortably scrambles to get free. Amused, Cassi declares that it is time for sex and demands Maul to strip while licking her lips like a snake. She removes her top again and beckons Maul to suckle her teet, causing him to flee from the house in horror. Back at the trailer Padme confronts Maul and asks him if they did the deed, but Maul denies anything. Padme knocks Maul out before calling him a punk and leaving with his credit cards.

Later we see Miss Ani wearing a welding mask and working on a giant 30 ft robot, "Big Boy 2004" and giggling at the prospect of destroying Maul and Padme and drifts off into hysterical laughter.

Lastly Maul awakens in bed to find a strange female sitting on the edge of his bed. She explains that it is time for her to reveal the future to him. Maul asks for the woman's identity and she claims to be the best thing that ever happened to him.


  • The previously unnamed "Cassi" was first shown on the cover issue of the previous episode 4.
  • Cassi removes her top a number of 3 times during the whole episode, twice in front of Maul and once in front of a complete stranger.


  • The scene with Miss Ani wielding on a giant robot and then laughing maniacally afterward is similar to a scene from Project A-ko with Biko Daitokuji acting similarly while plotting to destroy her own nemesis (Eiko Magami).
  • Hell Toupee interestingly gets its title from a Simpsons episode of the same name.
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