Haafstad And The Border Of Highrock
Haafstad And The Border Of Highrock
Author Joopvandie
Release Date 3 Jul 2014
Type Quests, Location
Available On Nexus Mods
Requirements Borders Disabled

Haafstad And The Border Of Highrock is a new Locations mod for Skyrim, created by Joopvandie and is available at the Skyrim Nexus.

Mod Details

Haafstad and the Border of Highrock introduces the Breton province of Jehanna into Skyrim, in a region past the border nearing Castle Volkihar. Specifically two new settlements are available, Haafstad and Pine Vale. The Mod contains a few quests, voice acting presumably all done by the mod author himself and a player home in Pine Vale that becomes available after completion of a quest. It is recommended that the player complete Way of the Voice and become recognized as Dragonborn before traveling to Haafstad as much of the quest dialogue and choices revolve around the assumption that the player has already become the Dragonborn (one such quest assumes that you have met and already completed a quest for a certain Daedric Prince), it is also recommended to explore Haafstad at higher levels as the enemies and boss NPCs of the region are quite tough and can easily overtake the Dragonborn.

Despite the aforementioned warnings, it is interesting to note that Haafstad and Pine Vale are available as starting locations through the Alternate Start - Live Another Life mod via a plugin.


  • Haafstad - A small Nordic Village along the coast, near the Skyrim Border
  • Haelth - A small Breton village
  • Pine Vale - A mostly Breton inhabited settlement closer to the Skyrim-Highrock border.






  • In order for the new location to work the Skyrim borders need to be disabled either via the Skyrim.ini file or by downloading and installing a mod that disables the borders for you.
  • Music either Skyrim's default or otherwise modded soundtrack will not play while exploring Jehanna, however certain battle music will play during combat and all of the buildings play tavern music.
  • Despite being a mostly Breton kingdom, most of Jehanna's inhabitants appear to have Nordic-sounding names.
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