Green Pact Armor
Green Pact Armor
Author ArcZeroEssentials
Release Date 7 Jul 2014
Type Equipment, Enemies, Location
Available On Nexus Mods
Requirements None

The Green Pact Armor is a mod add-on for Skyrim created by ArcZeroEssentials and is available at the Skyrim Nexus. The Green Pact Armor is similar in style to the Bosmer Armor Pack, however the two are unconnected but like the latter the Green Pact is perfect for Wood Elf and Archer Dragonborn.

Mod Details

The mod introduces a new set of armor made for Wood Elf Dragonborn called the Green Pact Armor, as well as four new weapons; Arrow of the Green Pact, Blade of the Green Pact, Bow of the Green Pact and Short Blade of the Green Pact. The equipment is very high-quality and appears to have been carefully detailed with intricate designs somewhat reminiscent of Ayleid designs or Alfheim Robes. Because the armor and weapon ratings are all quite high they may seem overpowered to lower-leveled players and that the requirements for forging the armor and weapons call for several Nature's Incenses, which requires the repeated slaying of Spirit's of Y'ffre; ethereal green stags that roam the forest of Falkreath.

The mod also transforms the Roadside Ruins into a makeshift shrine of Y'ffre (or Jephre), the Storyteller, God of Song and Forest, and Spirit of the Now, is the most important deity of the Bosmeri pantheon and contains an incense burner and crafting station where Nature's Incenses are expended to craft the titular Green Pact Equipment, Dragonborn can also received the Blessing of the Green Pact (which increases Archery by 25% and Stamina Fortification and Regen by 10%) by praying to the Shrine of Y'ffre.

The mod also adds the Mossmother, an enemy to the eponymous cavern, which is required to be slain in order to obtain the main ingredient in Green Armor forging.

Armor Details

All pieces in the Green Pact set require 1 Nature's Incense in order to craft, and 1 Bone of Y'ffre in order to upgrade to the next level. Nature's Incenses can be looted from Mossmothers and Spirits of Y'ffre, while the bones can only be looted from the latter.

  • Arrow of the Green Pact (300)

Damage: 24, Weight: — Value: 8

  • Blade of the Green Pact

Damage: 19, Weight: 16, Value: 1250

  • Bow of the Green Pact

Damage: 24, Weight: 18, Value: 3000

  • Green Pact Armor

Armor: 85, Weight: 8, Value: 3000

  • Green Pact Boots

Armor: 32, Weight: 1, Value: 1000

  • Green Pact Hand Guards

Armor: 32, Weight: 1.5, Value: 1000

  • Green Pact Helmet

Armor: 41, Weight: 4, Value: 650

  • Green Pact Hood

Armor: 32, Weight: 0.5, Value: 600

  • Green Pact Hooded Helmet

Armor: 41, Weight: 4.5, Value: 750

  • Green Pact Shoulder Cape

Armor: 13, Weight: 0.5, Value: 600

  • Green Pact Short Blade

Damage: 15, Weight: 6, Value: 500

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