Foxwart Hall

Foxwart Hall is a private medical "retreat" or an asylum. The directors of the facility have complete control over their patients and the orderlies are allowed to wander the grounds with weapons. The facility is also somewhat religious as the staff believe that the residents are all somehow "possessed", making them evil. The facility staff also makes use of unorthodox practices such as daily and around the clock hypodermic shots, as well as therapeutic shin bashing sessions to the stylings of Lady Gaga.


*Belinda Von Hammer -Head Nurse/Deceased
*Yamamoto Twins -Interns/Quit

Notable Residents

*Stan Stephensonsen -escaped
*Dolores Katz -escaped
*Alan Katz -deceased
*Marcia Katz -escaped
*Lorraine Hammill -escaped
*Harold Hammill -escaped
*Reese Katz -deceased/already dead when institutionalized


*Out of everyone from the Hammill/Katz families, Reese's corpse was the only one granted a bill of good health and was permitted to leave the facility on the grounds of good behavior.

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