Alias None
Date of Birth December 25
Star Sign Capricorn
Age 34
Race Human
Nationality British
Hometown Manchester (ENG)
Height 5'11"
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Status Alive
Likes Tabitha Meyers
Hates Big Daddy Vickers
No. Appearances 1
First Seen Episode 18
Last Seen TBA

Fontleroy is the personal assistant of Big Daddy Vickers. He is an Englishman originally from Manchester but accepted a job in America, working as an intern for minimum wage under Big Daddy Vickers but eventually he pleased Big Daddy Enough to move higher up the corporate ladder. In reality Fontleroy is a mole acting on behalf of Tabitha Meyers CEO of the Lightning Rod Conglomerate, and is committing corporate espionage by posing as Vickers' personal assistant and relaying sensitive information over to Tabitha Meyers. Fontleroy is a very polite, calm and well-spoken man, however he absolutely despises his employer; Big Daddy Vickers and often scowls or grimaces after taking orders or repeatedly being spoken down to by him.

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Unused Content

Originally Reality Life was to be much longer than a mere 00:29:47 minute movie, but was intended to have spanned several seasons as mini "webisodes". At the conclusion of the first season, Fontleroy was supposed to have been 'outed' by Jeanine, whom he believed was Tabitha due to her abilities as a changeling. He would have been captured by the police and 'deported' back to England, only to be revealed a few episodes later to still be in the states and colluding with Tabitha and Donatello Slick.

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