Empryean Crystal

The Empryean Crystal was an ancient mega-crystal that held gargantuan proportions of magic and responsible for choosing and siring the many generations of Power Scouts throughout the universe.


The Empryean Crystal was created 4 million years ago during the onslaught of Master Agamemnus; the world eater. Four ancient sages crafted the Empryean crystal from four different shards of elemental crystals, mined from four separate worlds. The creation of the Empryean crystal resulted in the birth of the Vimana Star Droids; gigantic animal-like machines crafted from pure crystal. The crystal machines were magically controlled by the four sages to do battle with Agamemnus and were able to subdue and seal him away within the deepest confines of Dimension Z.

After Effects

The resulting after effects of the Empryean Crystal were largely in the name of good and later the evil-fighting force known as the Power Scouts were created using crystals crafted from the Empryean. All of the Vimana Star Droids were crafted from the Empryean crystal, although originally controlled by the sages to do battle with Agamemnus but were later piloted and used regularly by the human Power Scouts. Other side effects of the Empryean Crystal's destruction resulted in the resurrection of the Rotting Family; a bourgeois clique of aristocratic corpses who were reanimated due to the magic shards falling to the earth.

Crystal's Destruction

In 2008, after the release of The Chaos by fallen sage Naga Kai, and the re-awakening of Agamemnus, the aetherian alignment of good and evil was dramatically made askew. In a last ditch effort for victory, the dying Total Chaos form destroyed the Empryean Crystal; rendering all of the Power Scouts everywhere powerless, and making the Vimana Star Droids unable to be summoned. A positive outcome of the crystal's destruction was the universal use of magic by all potent beings everywhere in the universe; restoring the balance of chaos and order in the hands of humans.


Two years after the crystal's destruction, many of the Power Scouts have relented to normal civilian jobs such as fire-fighting, police work, and other everyday average jobs. However a select few of Power Scouts and their associates ventured out into unknown space in an attempt to find the progenitor world that crafted the Empryean Crystal, with the hope of restoring the original or creating a new one. However some former Power Scouts have stood against the notion of retrieving their old powers, believing that it is a fool's errand in vain attempt, and not in the mass majority's best interest.

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