Cousteau De La Nuit
Cousteau De La Nuit
Alias Donatello Slick
Date of Birth August 19
Star Sign Leo
Age 29
Race Human
Nationality French
Hometown Paris (FR)
Height 6'2"
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue-Green
Status Alive
Likes Tabitha Meyers
Hates Cynthia
No. Appearances 5
First Seen "The Donatello Slick Show
Last Seen "The Catch 22"

Donatello Slick is a famous bounty hunter and late night talk show host, he is also the right hand man and secret lover of Tabitha Meyers. In actuality Slick is a Frenchman named "Cousteau De La Nuit", born and raised in rural Paris, he was deported to Quebec at the age of seventeen for criminal activity. Once in Canada, Cousteau re-invented himself as "Donatello Slick" and often ventured out into the open wilderness of Washington DC and would hunt dangerous animals on film, and also prevented several street thugs from absconding with a stolen car and foiled a bank robbery. These accolades bolstered Slick's acclaim into American celebrity status as he quickly became a reality star and TV sensation throughout the 90's.

He met CEO of Lightning-Rod Conglomerate, Tabitha Meyers at a circuit party and the two quickly hit it off despite their cultural and regional differences. Slick had used his American celebrity status to acquire a late night talk show on one of Seattle's local networks and has also became famous in Canada as well. He kept his relationship with Tabitha a secret and conducted any and all business affairs under the guise of his artificial identity of Donatello Slick, rather than "Cousteau De La Nuit".

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  • Slick severely dislikes Cynthia as he erroneously believes that she is a gay man dressed in drag, even though he actually killed Scott Connors he did not hate the latter as it was merely business.
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