Dilapidated Dwarven Ruin

The Dilapidated Dwarven Ruin is a new location added by the Tribunal Faith in Skyrim mod. It is located in Eastmarch near the Hotsprings Hunter Camp, the ruins which can be seen jutting out of a rocky mountainside of a waterfall.



The Ruins are dark and submerged in water, so while having waterbreathing or waterwalking isn't mandatory they will come in handy here. You will be at the end of the ruin once you come to a room filled with An-Xileel agents, they along with their Master will all attack you in unison. They are all quite powerful and wield ebony weaponry so it is probably best to save this part for a higher level.


While there are no journal entries or notifications, one can assume that the general impression is to exterminate the An-Xileel hiding out within the ruin and retrieve a legendary weapon of Morrowind.


  • An-Xileel Grunt
  • An-Xileel Scouter
  • An-Xileel Master (Boss)


  • Random Coin Purses
  • An-Xileel Equipment
  • An-Xileel Master's Mask
  • Random Ebony Weaponry
  • Cleaver of St. Felms

Alchemical Ingredients

  • Torchbug


Normal companions/followers cannot accompany you within the ruin, however certain followers from follower mods such as Anna NPCs can warp inside of the ruin and assist you which will be of great benefit against the An-Xileel onslaught.

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