Cynthia Peppers

"That's my name honey, don't wear it out!" - Cynthia to Saul

Cynthia Peppers
Date of Birth May 20
Star Sign Taurus
Age 32
Race Human
Nationality American
Hometown Brooklyn (NY)
Height 6'3"
Hair Color Light Blonde
Eye Color Sky Blue
Status Alive
Likes Scott Connors Rory Donatello Slick Saul Carmichael
Hates ——
No. Appearances 5
First Seen "Saul Deals with Cynthia"
Last Seen "Cynthia's Visit"

"Oh. My. God." - Cynthia's reaction to hearing about the Donatello Slick show

Cynthia is a neighbor of Saul Carmichael and a friend of Rory and the lover of Scott Connors despite the perpetual domestic abuse he puts her through. Cynthia first appears in "Saul Deals with Cynthia" where Saul has stopped Cynthia in their communal parking garage to inquire about something but ends up selling her a ticket to see Donatello Slick in person. Cynthia next appears in "The Other Night" having an argument with Scott over attending the Slick show, which Scott opposes her seeing for unknown reasons (possibly related to his connection with Slick). Cynthia next appears on the Donatello Slick show as a guest panelist after having won a mini raffle before the show, she ended up fawning for Slick and begged for his affections only for him to harshly decline and confuse her for a man.


Cynthia is a warm and loving care-free person who even in the darkest of times manages to keep a smile on her face. Cynthia is also a fan favorite of the studio audience, often receiving applause and cheers from them at the end of a majority of her episodes.


"Cynthia is a woman's name yet clearly you are a man!" - Donatello Slick about Cynthia

Cynthia is in fact a female despite constantly being confused for a man, this happens on account of her big-bodied frame and deep masculine voice. This was made apparent during the "The Donatello Slick Show" where Donatello Slick was convinced that Cynthia was a man in drag and proceeded to use homophobic slurs against her, to which she was un-phased possibly because she really is a woman or because of Slick's strong French accent.


Cynthia makes a total of 5 appearances overall throughout Reality Life, the highest number of appearances in the movie second only to Saul Carmichael.


Cynthia has a favorably high level of popularity with the Studio Audience, often receiving cheers and applause at the end of her scenes and canned laughter after most of her spoken lines, the only other Reality Life "stars" to come close in terms of audience favor-ability are Toshi and Donatello Slick.

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