Crystal Chambers

"Well Look who its"

Crystal is an international spy trained in the arts of espionage, reconnaissance, information gathering, and infiltration. Crystal is introduced in Season 2 of Reality Life, however her character was conceived as early as the second episode of Season 1. For story purposes she acts as a romantic and professional foil to Saul Carmichael, who while smitten with her often refers to her as an "entrepreneurial cock-block".

Crystalline Chambers
Alias Crystal
Date of Birth April 7
Star Sign Aries
Age 27
Race Human
Nationality American
Hometown Los Angeles, CA
Height 5'9"
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Green
Status Alive
Likes Saul Carmichael Scott Connors
Hates Donatello Slick Tabitha Meyers
No. Appearances 1
First Seen "Look Who It Is"
Last Seen TBA
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Several years ago Crystal was on an assignment posing as weather channel intern, "Christine Chrysler" and successfully infiltrated the Big Daddy Vickers corporation. She spied on Big Daddy Vickers in order to find any correlation between himself and Tabitha Meyers but she came up empty, however she discovered Fontleroy was a mole via hacking his private console and sent the gathered intel to her employer, "M".

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