Clearing Out the Abandoned Shipwreck
Clearing Out the Abandoned Shipwreck is a quest from Haafstad and the Border of Highrock, on the small Nordic Island-community of Haafstad.
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Quest Details

Talking to Captain One Eye will inform you that an abandoned ship has been causing trouble for the island and the he needs someone to clear it out, and will pay you 300 gold for the deed.

Head to the Abandoned Shipwreck, it is not located far from the Haafstad wharf and is located on a small island nearby. The ship is half submerged in water and is surrounded by Skeleton Guardians. Slay them, them venture up and kill the mage Tyrus. Once all are dead, the quest will prompt you to return to Captain One-Eye, do so and claim your reward of 300 gold, ending the quest.

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