Chai Garcia

Chai Xiaou Garcia AKA "Spice" (b. 1984 [27]) is a Filipino freelance Exotic Dancer and professional Assassin working. Chai is propositioned by the Estaire Brothers to "whack" the Motley Gang after believing that they were responsible for the death of their mother, Consuela Estaire. Throughout the story Chai repeatedly attempts to assassinate Pierre Hawkins (either mistakenly believing he is a Motley member or knows that he is one) and even confronts him in the bathroom at the Peach Pit, only to be maced and evaded. She is later arrested by Ike & Tim at the Stephensonsen residence, but is released during the wine mixer and freak dances with both police officers at the end of the story. Her only line during the entire story is: "Aha!"

Chai later appears in Interview with the Gardener (as told by Mr. Miller) having given good advice to Mary Stephensonsen.

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