Broderick Llewellyn

Broderick Wilhelm Llewellyn III (1930 - 1992) was the husband of Barbara Llewellyn and the stepfather of Gloria Stephensonsen. Broderick was the heir to the late Count Llewellyn and had inherited a fortune of wealth upon his death, and invested a sum of it into the Llewellyn Estate, where he resided until his death in 1992 after having seen Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me and died believing that the movie was real and that he could really walk through walls like "BOB". Since his death his various offspring have inherited his fortune.


*Count Llewellyn (Unknown relation)
*Barbara Llewellyn (Wife)
*Gloria Stephensonsen (Step-daughter)
*Cosmo Llewellyn (Son)
*Astrid Llewellyn (Daughter)
*Venus Llewellyn (Daughter)
*Lucifer Llewellyn (Son)

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