Blixwalker Productions

Blixwalker Productions (Est. 1996) is an independant film company established in 1996. Blixwalker's debut project was a short movie entitled: "Boys with Toys" and featured various vignettes with numerous non-sequitors. The most infamous being an angry Brunette Barbie catches Ken cheating with Twin Blondes in bathtub. More infamous Blixwalker characters are Elgar who had his own show, Pink Power Princess, Rocco, and the Devil.

In more recent years Blixwalker has moved on to making comics and has so far produced over 20 issues of the highly successful Maulie & Friends series. In 2010 Blixwalker started an ambitious movie projected entitled: "Reality Life" using Xtranormal's gray template. However, as of late 2011 no further developments to the movie have been made.

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