Big Daddy Vickers

"I require that you get that scrawny ass of yours moving in a hustle 'homeboy'!"

"Big Daddy Vickers" is the name of the 18th episode of Reality Life (Web) series. Big Daddy Vickers plots with his assistant to get inside the minds of Saul Carmichael and Tabitha Meyers. Ooh! - Description

Big Daddy Vickers
Episode No. 18
Runtime 00:01:47
Release Date 06/11/2010
Previous "Slick and Tabitha's Affair"
Next "Mission Specs"



The episode opens with Big Daddy Vickers discussing the latest sales figures with his assistant, Fontleroy in the company office. Fontleroy apologizes and asks if there is anything that can be done to rectify the situation, and Big Daddy tells him that he wants him to "get inside the heads" of the rival CEOs ala snooping around their files and taking anything that may put Big Daddy at an advantage over Saul Company and the Lightning Rod Conglomerate. When Fontleroy hesitates and asks if there is anything else that Big Daddy requires he requests a box of 'steak-ums' and also demands that he get his 'scrawny ass into gear', which visibly annoys Fontleroy to the point of showing disgust.

Episode Tie-ins

This episode is preceded by "Slick and Tabitha's Affair" and is immediately followed-up by "Mission Specs". Episode 18 does not contain any direct continuity from any previous or forthcoming episodes, however it does mention Saul Carmichael by name and references Tabitha's conglomerate.

Creator's Notes

  • This episode is completely 'reactionary', it was created in response to the BBC Merger Report and Big Daddy's unease at Tabitha's growing hubris.
  • Even though his name is not mentioned in the episode, Big Daddy's assistant is named "Fontleroy".

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