Beyond The Valley Of The Weeds

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Beyond the Valley of the Weeds takes place immediately after the events of Interview with the Gardener, but before the 18 year timeskip into 2029.

Chapter I: Diplomacy

The opening chapter sets the stage for the "new" weeds series, with Gloria and Stan divorced and her having since moved to Portland it is now up to Angela Stephensonsen and Pierre Hawkins to run the family household.

The Hawkins children (Angela and Crystie's kids) all attend Bradbury High School, where the first day the Wednesdays (Scott & Dot) meet new love interests and the others carry-on misguided antics.

Scott Hawkins befriends an Asian-American student named Roku Wasabi and starts hanging out with him after school after realizing that they share similar interests. Dot Hawkins befriends Marty Perkins and Georgia Peach and makes enemies with Sabrina Lovelace or as she calls her "the new Crystie".

  • The title is a reference to the 1970 film "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls".
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