Barbara Llewellyn

Barbara "Babs" Guggenheim - Llewellyn (b. 1938) is the mother of Gloria Stephensonsen and the wife of late Broderick Llewellyn, and mothered multiple children from him.


*Abe Guggenheim (Father)
*Broderick Llewellyn (Husband)
*Gloria Stephensonsen (Daughter)
*Cosmo Llewellyn (Son)
*Astrid Llewellyn (Daughter)
*Venus Llewellyn (Daughter)
*Lucifer Llewellyn (Son)
*Stan Stephensonsen (Son-in-law)
*Angela Stephensonsen (Granddaughter)
*Paul Stephensonsen (Grandson)
*John Stephensonsen (Grandson)
*Pierre Hawkins (Grandson-in-law)
*David Stephensonsen (Great Grandson)
*Seth Stephensonsen (Great Grandson)
*Mary Stephensonsen (Great Granddaughter)
*Wednesday Stephensonsen (Great Granddaughter)

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