Arise chapter 1

Arise - Chapter 1 - The Black Sacrament is an armor and quest mod by AmethystDeceiver and is available via Skyrim Nexus.

Arise - Chapter 1 - The Black Sacrament
Author AmethystDeceiver
Release Date 8 Jan 2012
Type Armor, Quest
Available On Nexus Mods
Requirements None

Locate the Ancient Black Phoenix Assassins

Upon starting a game with the BSA mod activated, you will get a journal notification to "locate the Ancient Black Phoenix Assassins (0/5)" in your miscellaneous quest section. The objective is to locate the remains of 5 ancient assassins and procure the secrets to forging the Black Sacrament armor, secrets that they apparently took to their graves.


The bodies of the 5 Ancient assassins can be found in the following locations;

  • Ancient's Ascent - Behind the Word Wall by some grass.
  • Elder's Blood Peak - Beside the Word Wall near the Treasure Chest.
  • Lower Steepfall Burrow - Outside of the cave, on the rockside. If Winged Twilight is installed, the remains are almost directly behind the Arch Conjurer.
  • Shearpoint - Behind the Word Wall.
  • Skyborn Altar - To the left of the Word Wall, behind the Treasure Chest obscured by some rubble.


The five bodies contain the following loot;

  • Body #1 (Ancient's Ascent):
  • Body #2 (Elder's Blood Peak):
  • Body #3 (Outside of Lower Steepfall Burrow):
  • Body #4 (Shearpoint):
  • Body #5 (Skyborn Altar):

Using the Chaosforge

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