Angela Stephensonsen
Angela Hawkins
Nickname Sunshine
Gender Female
Date of Birth March 26 1975 (36)
Starsign Pisces
Birthplace Los Angeles (CA)
Hometown Knotsburg
Race Caucasian
Nationality American
Height 5'7"
Weight 118 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
Job Stylist
Status Alive

Angela Marie Hawkins (nee. Stephensonsen) (b. March 26 1975 [36]) is the oldest child of Gloria Stephensonsen and Stan Stephensonsen and their only daughter. She is simultaneously married to Pierre Hawkins along with her cousin and rival Crystie Katz.

Early Life

Growing up in the Stephensonsen house Angela was the apple of her father's eye and also a grade A student until the Winter of 1994 incident occured. During her high school years Angela dyed her hair purple and hung around a quirky drunk and a gay man similar to Angela from the series My So Called Life, she also had a crush on Jared Leto (also from my so called life).

Weeds in the Basement

Angela is first introduced in Weeds in the basement at the Katz Residence while looking for her mother she stumbles upon the Katz children clamouring about the rapture and having to commit incest in order to repopulate the world (albeit jokingly). Angela takes them seriously and has them split up and detained in the attic and basement of her house in order to prevent them from inbreeding.

Weeds of Doubt

Angela appears again in the Winter of 1994, just less than a month after the Thanksgiving 1994 incident. This time Angela's competitive nature comes through as she cannot stand to see Crystie (sitting next to her) get violated and molested by Pierre, and subsequently leaves the car in search of him in order to get revenge on Crystie. The two end up pregnant with Pierre's children; each having a set of three from him (Angela only ended up having fraternal twins David and Seth and ended up "buying" Mary from a man at a Detroit Airport (in order to have as mant children as Crystie had at the time). Angela also gave birth to a third child (her fourth overall), Wednesday (Crystie also had a fourth child and named her Wednesday as well).

Weeds in the Garden

The Prettiest Weed


Religious Views

Angela grew up being atheist at her mother's behest but by book 2 she seemed to have abandoned these teachings in favor of being a mother.

Political Views



*Abe Guggenheim (Maternal Great-Grandfather)
*Lorraine Llewellyn (Maternal Grandmother)
*Gloria Stephensonsen (Mother)
*Stan Stephensonsen (Father)
*Agnes Stephensonsen (Paternal Grandmother)
*Roy Stephensonsen (Paternal Grandfather)
*Cosmo Llewellyn (Maternal Uncle)
*Astrid Lllewellyn (Maternal Aunt)
*Venus Llewellyn (Maternal Aunt)
*Lucifer Llewellyn (Maternal Uncle)
*Paul Stephensonsen (Brother)
*John Stephensonsen (Brother)
*Pierre Hawkins (Husband)
*David Stephensonsen (Son)
*Seth Stephensonsen (Son)
*Mary Stephensonsen (Adopted Daughter)
*Wednesday Stephensonsen (Son)
*Marcia Katz (Aunt)*(Unaware)
*Tod Katz (Cousin)*
*Crystie Katz (Cousin)*
*Bill Katz (Cousin)*
*Sue Katz (Cousin)*
*Reese Katz (Cousin)*
*Friday Hawkins (Nephew)*
*Saturday Hawkins (Nephew)*
*Sunday Hawkins *(Niece)
*Wednesday Hawkins *(Niece)

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