Alan Katz

Alan Katz (b. 1922 - 2009) was a retired American soldier and lawn mower salesman. Alan was married to Dolores Katz and is the father of Dan Katz.

Weeds in the Basement

Alan maskes his first appearance at the Thanksgiving get-together of 1994 at his son's house. Alan along with his wife bring a box of wine to the dinner as instructed by his daughter-in-law Marcia Katz. Alan witnesses the fierce altercation between Gloria Stephensonsen and Marcia, and gets into an argument with Lorraine and Harold Hammill resulting in everyone being picked up and arrested by the local authorities.

Weeds in the Garden

Alan returns in Weeds in the Garden and is apparently now living in his son's home along with his wife. During a custody argument between Marcia and Dan, Alan interrupts and kicks Dan out of the house calling him a dirty hippie and a traitor. Alan also has his private nurse, Belinda Von Hammer lock up his wife Dolores, Marcia, Reese, Harold and Lorraine Hammill (who had been visiting) in the attic for their "indecency".

Later the Wednesday's school counselor Alessandra Estaire arrives at the house and condemns it and has everyone (Alan Katz, Dolores Katz, Dan Katz, Marcia Katz, Lorraine Hammill, Harold Hammill, and Reese's corpse) detained in a containment facility in Foxwart Hall, a medical center that specializes in dealing with the criminally insane. Alan loses his life hours later when his deranged nurse turns on him and consumes his flesh "in order to become whole". He is interred at the Knotsburg Cemetary.

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