Acanthus Surana
Age 27
Birthday December 2
Gender Male
Race Arbor Elf
Class Mage
Hometown -
Height 180.34 cm
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Ice Blue
Weapon Staves
Specialty Necromancy
Affiliation Self
Occupation Hedge Mage
Status Alive
Debut -

Acanthus is an elven mage and first appears during the Dalish elf origin, by way of using the dalish mage origin mod. His specialties are Blood Magic and Necromancy, though without certain mods available his choices are then Blood Magic and Arcane Warrior. In Awakening he adds the "Keeper" specialization to his repertoire.

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Acanthus has medium light to light tanned skin and pointed ears. He has black hair that he generally wears styled back.

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