Abe Guggenheim

Abraham "Abe" Guggenheim AKA "Google" (B. 1912 [99]) is the maternal grandfather of Gloria Stephensonsen, and is the father of Barbara Llewellyn.

Early Life

Abe Guggenheim is a descendant of German extracts that fled from Germany in the early 1900's during the Langen Bacon Riots to live in the United States. Abe's mother gave birth to him in the bathroom at a baseball stadium in 1912 and moved to California for the gold mining opportunities.

During the early thirties Abe got married and eventually had Lorrain Llewellyn his only daughter. Before serving in World War I, Abe had the family name changed to "Google" to dissuade any watchdog groups from accusing him of being a Nazi sympathizer. Years later (in the 2000's) Abe claims that some "Chinaman in Korea" stole his surname and made into a porn engine. Abe had apparently served in or at least observed in all of the wars as he has medals and uniforms from all of the wars dating back to the first World War.

Moving in with in-laws

Sometime during the sixties Abe was forced to move in with his daughter-in-law, along with his daughter Lorraine, her husband, and his granddaughter Gloria Stephensonsen and his other grandchildren; Cosmo, Astrid, Venus, and Lucifer.

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