Abandoned House

The Abandoned House aka "Yorith's House" is a vacant home located within Pine Vale. It is added by the Haafstad and the Border of Highrock mod and can be obtained as a player home by completing the quest "Pine Vale Needs a Hero" and using the 'Abandoned House Key' to gain access.

Abandoned House
Hold Pinemarch
Location Pine Vale
Type Player Home
Quests Pine Vale needs a Hero
A Dragon in Highrock
Characters None
Location ID
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The house is small and mediocre and contains numerous cobwebs indicating that it has been uninhabited for quite some time. The house contains 2 Beds, 2 Dressers, 1 weapon rack, 3 Barrels, 1 Storage chest, and a fireplace with cooking pot.

On a bedside table upstairs next to the second bed the Journal of the Forgotten can be read to activate the quest "A Dragon in Highrock", which will prompt the Dragonborn to kill the dragon that is nesting on a small island nearby.

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